contact festival kuala lumpur

May 26–June 1, 2018


International participants:

Registrations by March 18:

Registrations after March 18:

Registration requires either payment of a deposit of USD100 or the full fee.

Malaysian participants:

Registrations by March 18:

Registrations after March 18:

Registration requires either payment of a deposit of RM300 or the full fee.

For registration details for the pre-festival workshop, please click here.

Fee includes meals, shared accommodation, and access to all activities (please make sure to read the rest of the website for specific details). Since there are only limited places available, we advise that you register as early as possible.

Contact Festival Kuala Lumpur is envisioned as a full-time residential festival. Therefore, a shorter stay for a reduced fee is not possible.

Fees listed are subject to change. To qualify for "Malaysian participants" fees, you need to be a Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia.

Helpers. We have a few work exchange positions available for reduced rates (up to 50% off the normal fee). We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and willing to invest their energy and be committed to assigned tasks such as cleaning and food preparation. Being a helper can be a rewarding experience if you like being part of a team that keeps the festival running smoothly.

Scholarships. We have two scholarship spots available for emerging dance artists from the following countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam. A résumé, a statement of intent, and a description of one's financial situation would be required for application. In return for free participation at the festival, the scholarship recipient would be required to partake in work exchange. Deadline for scholarship applications is March 26, 2018.