contact festival kuala lumpur

May 26–June 1, 2018

pre-festival workshop
May 22–24, 2018

© Tomasz Kowalski
The Secret Art of a Contact and Dance Improviser

I would like to invite you to a journey into the dance. The dance has its flow on the floor, when your body is light, mobile, and full of water. And it has its flow on higher levels, when your body is full of air and lightness. The dance can take you off-balance and up-side-down. You can experience it in-fall or up-raised, or lost and found in three dimensional space. We will experiment with techniques that make a dance vivid, live, and rewarding. And we will enrich the experience with elements of physical theatre and improvisation, as well as the embodiment of emotions into body structure and movement.

Daily schedule: 10:00–13:00, 15:00–17:00

International participants
Fee: USD205
To register: Deposit of USD70 or full fee

Malaysian participants
Fee: RM560
To register: Deposit of RM200 or full fee

Fee includes shared accommodation, breakfast and lunch.

Work study options are also available.

© Tomasz Kowalski
Filip Wencki

Filip is a contact dancer, improviser, physical actor, director and teacher. He co-founded the Polish physical theatre/dance company The line of Night, and is a member of the international theatre research group The Bridge of Winds, led by Denmark-based troupe Odin Teatret. He is also the co-creator and artistic director of multiple dance film projects.

Filip trained in traditional martial arts (aikido, Wing Tsun) and modern fight systems (Krav Maga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu). These days, he is occupied with contact improvisation and physical movement. Filip performs and teaches internationally both for dance and physical acting (Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, Denmark, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland). After years of training, he is still surprised by the endless possibilities in movement and expression.