contact festival kuala lumpur

June 13-19, 2017

Work exchange application form

Contact details


What would you describe your experience level in contact improvisation as?

Work exchange

Why would you like to attend the festival as a helper?

What skills and assets do you have that that makes you an ideal helper?

Would you be available for the entire festival including a day earlier (July 22 to 29)?

Helpers will be assigned tasks that might take up a few hours of their time each day. You will be able to attend all workshop sessions, but you will have less free time. Are you okay with this?


When do you plan to arrive?

When do you plan to depart?

Please notify us of any changes to your arrival or departure dates.

We cannot guarantee beds for helpers and you most likely will have to sleep on the floor. You will therefore need to bring the following with you: a pillowcase and a bedsheet, and if necessary, a sleeping mat and a pillow. Are you okay with this?

To help us with room/house assignments, can you tell us if you're an early bird (tend to sleep early) or a night owl (tend to sleep late)?

Other info

Meals provided will be vegetarian. Do you have any special dietary requirements?



Terms and conditions

• After you have submitted the completed application form, we will proofread it, and within 2 days, you will get an acknowledgment of receipt. If you do not receive an email from us within 2 days, please send an email to . You will then be informed of the status of your application within 1 week and thereafter, be required to pay either the non-refundable deposit or full fee within 2 days.

• By participating in the festival, you agree to give us permission to use photos/videos taken during the festival (with you in them) for documentation or promotional purposes.

• You understand that your participation in the festival is at your own risk and you will not hold the organizer or teachers of Contact Festival Kuala Lumpur liable for any damages or injuries.

• Cancellation policy—Cancellations up to June 25, 2019: 50% of deposit refundable (or paid fees minus 50% of deposit). Cancellations from June 25 to July 22, 2019: 0% of deposit refundable (or paid fees minus 100% of deposit). No refunds from July 23, 2019 onwards. All transfer costs are to be borne by the participant.

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